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In the time when technology is growing more faster than before and the needs to manage information becoming a major issue to deal with, Rtiga Global Media, PT (RNET) is come as an IT solution company specializing in providing solutions, system integration, networking and data center consultation also as an Internet Service Provider..

  • Business solution
  • System Integration
  • Internet Service Provider

We To help to build smart network infrastructure, which mean it can be easily used by customer to manage thier information and it has powerful capability of integration to many services. RNET management consisting of visionary people, especially in information technology, and taking the vision into today’s time. RNET management has averagely 5 years experience in technology world. All staff must have developing innovation, thus, each of them must continuously learning and contributing in every aspect that is useful to the company and everybody.

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Happy Clients has worked together in developing & shareing its business.


Projectsbecame our main focus in developing the project


Internet Connection

It is a service that provides internet access with multiple connectivity options.

Technology Infrastructure

Providing solution services to customers, to choose the media infrastructure that suits the needs.

3Play Media

Services that distribute "3PlayMedia", IPTV, Internet Access and Phone Connection to customers

Integrated System

A wide range of category management and information services technology that owned by the client.


it is a wireless internet connection service from RNET, using radio transmitters at frequencies of 5.8 GHz and 7Ghz.

Fiber Optic

An internet connection service that uses the RNET fiber optic cable network.


An internet connection services of RNET that uses satellite communications medium, generally used by customers in locations that are difficult to reach.

Manage Services

A wide range of category management and information services technology that owned by the client.



To be a leader in Internet and Broadband Telecommunication Solution.


To create value to all our stakeholders by rendering high class outsourcing services in information technology and communication related service and products and being able to complete in the local, regional and global market. To provide the highest quality service, with the use of advanced skills and innovative technology and to provide a ‘one stop shop’ service for our clients


By building a customer trust will also keep us to stand firm as the leading company and for us it is important to meet customer satisfaction. Based on what we believe, RNET will always tries to give a quick, sensitive and right respond to every need of our customer need

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Business solution – System Integration – Internet Service Provider

Jl. Pisangan Lama III No.2A Pisangan Timur
Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur 13230


021 50112252

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